The Best Devices For Your Fitness Tracking

As one of the greatest names in fitness trackers, Fitbit is a simple choice for recording your daily actions or sleep patterns. Selecting a particular Fitbit version, however, is not quite as simple. The various Fitbit trackers have a whole lot of overlap in features, and therefore it isn’t simple to choose which one is the “best.” Moving up the scale in cost doesn’t necessarily mean that you get all the features of the less expensive trackers plus additional ones. We have boiled down the choices into three simple picks which should match most people’s activity levels and styles.

Very Best Fitbit: Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit redesigned its popular Charge exercise tracker, including a larger touchscreen OLED screen, interchangeable rings, and new features like comfort reminders and a cardio workout. Most people who need a fitness tracker if they are playing sport or are active are best matched with a general, all-purpose apparatus that records measures, sleep, and heartbeat. The Fitbit Charge two does all that well, and provides more on top of it: In addition to fundamental step monitoring, constant self-improvement monitoring, and sleep monitoring, you also get automatic exercise monitoring, silent alarms, and reminders to exercise and to practice mindful breathing. The Charge 2 also provides a sizable OLED screen that provides quite a lot of information at a glance. You may tap the screen to toggle between step count, mileage, and calories burned. Additionally, it shows telephone, text, and calendar alarms. Normally, you can expect 5 days of battery life with normal use, which is perfect suited for busy lifestyles, and your everyday morning runs in your stylish basketball shorts.

Runner-up: Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit simply made the slimmest fitness band with constant heart rate monitoring. With enlarged sleep attributes and having a week long battery life, it nearly is the perfect tracker. The Fitbit Alta HR is virtually equivalent to the Fitbit Charge 2, both in feature set and cost. Its main distinguishing feature is how slim it is, and it’s arguably the most stylish than the Charge 2.

Within this compact form, you get fundamental step monitoring; constant heart rate-monitoring; exercise tracking; alarms for texts, calls, and calendar alarms; automatic exercise monitoring; sleep evaluation; reminders to exercise; and a little boost to battery life within the Charge 2 (7 days rather than 5 days). It will, however, lack the Charge 2’s reminders to practice mindful breathing.

Very Best Fitbit if you wear a watch: Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit updated its fundamental Flex group with water resistance for swim-tracking, but its measure counts require manual tweaking to achieve precise automated exercise-tracking. If you have already invested in a watch, replacing it with a fitness tracker is not an option. The Fitbit Flex 2 is small enough that it can be worn unobtrusively alongside a watch or on the opposite arm, as a necklace or a bracelet, or clipped to clothing if you purchase a third-party case.

Its feature set covers the fundamentals: step monitoring, text and call notifications, automated exercise monitoring, sleep evaluation, and reminders to work out. If you’re searching for a full-featured watch replacement, the Fitbit Ionic will be a much better alternative (and keep scrolling for more information about the Ionic). For people looking for a discreet and more affordable entry to the Fitbit planet, the Flex 2 is it.

Very Best Fitbit with every feature possible: Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is your fitness tracker for people who want everything. As you’d expect, the Ionic offers sleep, step, heart-rate, swim, and automatic exercise monitoring for your long morning runs in your stylish reversible singlet; it also includes alarms for texts, calls, and calendar alarms.

Technology always comes at a price! However, the Ionic has a price tag that puts it at precisely the exact same range as the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches. But this fitness tracker has an edge over smartwatches: its battery life. The Ionic will keep chugging along for up to 4 times, though most smartwatches last an average of daily. In conclusion, if your focus is more on getting the best fitness tracker which could also support a couple of smartwatch-like purposes, then the Ionic is the device for you.